Chevrolet Heavy Duty Brake Pads Front & Rear Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads




Chevrolet Heavy Duty Brake Pads Front & Rear Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads

Brake Pads by Hawk®. Thickness: 0.65″. While these pads are made from Ferro-Carbon originally developed for racetrack applications, their formulation has been modified to provide the highest friction and grip levels for commercial fleet vehicles and pickups that haul or pull very heavy loads regularly. Designed to the precise tolerances of factory parts for proper fit and operation, these pads are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

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  • Ferro-Carbon pad construction is blended to provide the highest street level grip for SUVs and commercial truck fleets that regularly tow the heaviest loads
  • Extremely high coefficient of friction is greater than Hawk Light Truck and SUV pads
  • Reduces the higher braking temperatures that contribute to brake fade along with premature pad and rotor wear
  • Pads and clips are designed in the precise size and shape of factory OEM parts for proper fit and operation
  • Pre-chamfered edges ensure more effective braking against worn brake rotors
  • Slotted center groove provides more effective removal of water, dust, and gasses that build up normally during the braking process
  • Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects (not wear)

When you run a commercial fleet of heavy-duty pickups and vans used for transporting heavy cargo or groups of people regularly, your brakes operate under “severe use” conditions. If the pads on your vehicles aren’t delivering the stopping power you need, you’re compromising safety and risking equipment loss. Hawk offers Severe Duty Truck Brake Pads to meet the most demanding needs of severe use vehicles. Similar to their Light Truck and SUV Brake Pads, Severe Duty pads are also constructed from a specially developed Ferro-carbon metallic compound originally created for racetrack punishment. However, Severe Duty pads are blended for trucks that weigh more, haul heavier loads, and see almost non-stop operation rather than occasional demanding use.

Hawk Severe Duty Truck Brake Pads have been specifically blended to provide the highest level of grip and resist heat buildup under non-stop use that can cause brake fade once fluid begins to boil inside the brake lines. Plus, pre-chamfered pad edges mate well against grooves and lips that form as rotor surfaces wear. So instead of squealing and loss of effectiveness as the pad rubs along lip edges, it will firmly and evenly press against the part of the rotor where it will have the most grip. While the many advantages of heavy duty truck brake pads typically come at a higher cost, CARiD offers you the superior all-around performance of these parts with value-priced brake parts from Hawk. We invite you contact our knowledgeable specialists seven days a week for help with any questions you have on Hawk brake parts at 800-505-3274.

 Hawk Brake Pads and RottorsFounded in 1990, Hawk Performance is part of the Carlisle Brake and Friction (CBF) group of companies based in Ohio that produces traditional and hydraulic brake parts, clutch equipment, and transmission components as OEM equipment for a wide range of agricultural, aviation, military, motorcycle, and construction equipment manufacturers. CBF products are used by Caterpillar, John Deere, Eaton, Wichita Clutch, DANA, Allison, Harley Davidson, Brembo, ZF Sachs, Clark Hurth, and many more. Hawk Performance draws on that incredible pool of engineering talent to create some of the most respected performance brake pads and rotors for the automotive industry, and has recently been named the official brake product of Pirelli World Challenge Championship, SCCA, and SCVRA racing organizations. Hawk brake components have been instrumental in racing victories with the Nissan Skyline GT-R team, Baja races, and a variety of motorsports events. When you want the best brake components for high performance driving or towing needs that meet or exceed OEM specification without OEM markup, Hawk Performance has you covered.

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