A: My brake rotors are warped, what should I do?

Q: Most all of our customers are in the situation, that is why they have chosen to upgrade to the premium drilled and slotted brake rotors we carry.


Q: Are your brake rotors a direct replacement or do I have to modify anything on my vehicle?

A: Our rotors are a direct factory replacement and no vehicle modification are necessary. All of our brake rotors are manufactured of premium quality materials that meet or exceed G3000 Industry Standards, with TÜV, QS, ISO & TS16949 certifications. They are cast to OE Specifications and guaranteed to fit without modification.


Q: What Brake Pads do you Recommend?

A: Brake pads are highly personal and vary per application, we prefer ceramic pads but for heavy duty applications we recommend semi metallic. Again, its your preference though.


Q: How Long Does it Take to Ship My Order?

A: Most brake rotors are kept in stock and ready to ship. If that is not the case we will note it on the website and or notify you once your order has been placed.


Q: Drilled and Slotted? Drilled or Slotted?

A: We prefer drilled and slotted brake rotors for various reasons and have sold 1000’s of drilled and slotted brake rotors to very happy customers. However, you are welcome to order just drilled or just slotted brake rotors. Our high performance rotors are precision machined and balance to industry leading specifications for vehicle performance. The Cross-Drilled and Slotted Edge combination helps to keep braking systems cooler, thereby reducing heat. Cross-Drilled brake rotors reduce brake fade by venting the gases away from the braking surface. 360 Performance Rotors can reduce temperatures by as much as 200 degrees. This heat reduction provides excellent stopping power and a longer brake life, for even the most demanding of driving conditions.


Q: Zinc Coating?

A: All premium brake rotors are zinc coated, you just get to pick which color you want! Silver is the standard while black is just cool!


Did you not see your question? Feel free to contact us at sales@rotordepot.com, thanks!